SWS Heavy Duty Co-Seal Non Slip

A twin-pack, textured, high opacity coating based on advanced polyurethane resins. Heavy Duty Coseal Non Slip is a tough, durable flooring finish that allows quick turnaround due to rapid film hardening. The product exhibits excellent chemical, solvent and weathering resistance and is suitable for use on a variety of flooring types.


Specifically formulated as a high friction, low slip flooring system. With a finish that can be easily power washed.

Heavy Duty Coseal Non Slip is the ideal choice for application in the most demanding of environments.

When fully cured the coating will not itself support the growth of bacteria, fungi or algae.

APPLICATION : Easy application by brush or roller

COLOUR : To order

FINISH : Textured

PREPARATION : See Concrete Floor Preparation

Theoretical Spreading Rate : 8.5 square metres per litre

Pack size : 5 litre including hardener

Touch dry after : 1 – 2 hours

Over coating interval : Can be over coated after only 2 hours @ 20 C