Anti Graffiti Coating

graffiti-magicGraffiti Magic

A quick-drying, clear coating which protects suitable substrates against Graffiti of all kinds and can be cleaned repeatedly without special chemicals.

An easily applied, single pack, clear coating available in gloss or matt finish, Giving excellent adhesion to recommended substrates. Short drying and re-coating times mean rapid graffiti protection of all kinds can be achieved.


Graffiti Magic can be applied to vulnerable exterior surfaces including concrete, brick, stone, render, timber, metal, cladding and most sound previously painted surfaces. As Graffiti Magic preserves the substrate in the condition in which it is treated, cleaning and/or re-decoration must take place before treatment.


Up to 10 sq m per litre per coat

Ideal for - brick, stone, concrete and wood.
Suitable on most external paint finishes.
Single pack, easy to apply.
Protects against aerosol and marker pen.
Easy removal of graffiti.
No harsh chemicals needed.
Permanent non sacrificial system...

Suitable Substrates
Graffiti Magic is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces. The matt version is particularly effective on the normally difficult to protect substrates such as rough brick or textured finishes. Graffiti Magic can be used on concrete, render, masonry, porous stone, timber and previously painted surfaces.
If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of Graffiti Magic, contact the technical department of Irish Paints who will be pleased to give advice.

Apply two coats of Graffiti Magic by brush or roller; if spraying, take care to avoid overspray as this may damage surrounding property. Porous surfaces should be sealed with Graffiti Magic Clear Sealer/Primer, which also acts as a non darkening sealer on substrates that might otherwise darken when coated directly with Graffiti Magic.


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