Underwater Tar Free Systems

Sigmacover 805 DTM is an economical direct-to-metal epoxy system that replaces tar containing coating systems. The perfect high solids replacement for coal tar epoxy:

Tar free and thus safer for your staff and the environment

• Low VOC - meets your local regulations

• An applicator friendly product with excellent spraying properties, particularly suitable for application to complex structures, saving the applicator time and cost and ensuring longer term high performance.

• Small packaging available for stripe coating

• No primer is required, even for immersion - Sigmacover 805 DTM is a two coat system applied directly to metal

• Excelient wetting of the surface ensures high performance,
even when cathodic protection systems are operating

• Available in colours - coal far epoxy was available in black and brown only.
Sigmacover 805 DTM

The popular coal tar epoxy system is gradually being phased-out for health and environmental reasons. Sigmacover DTM, a new
tar-free development from Sigma Coatings, is the ideal replacement. It is designed to offer significant benefits to both applicator and plant owner.

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