Swimming Pool and Water Features

Coating systems are available for the internal areas of swimming pools but for various reasons including the following, guarantees are not provided:

1. Condition of substrate.

2. Adequate protection to protect external walls and base of pool to
prevent hydrostatic pressure from outside forcing off coating inside.

3. Location of pool - method of application - skill of applicator.

4. Adequate professional inspection during construction.

When application is completed, due to the presence of chemicals ie.
(chlorine) the operators/owners of the pool must monitor the pH level
of the water within strict limits.
Irish Paints' system for pool areas, also surrounding walls
and steelwork would be following applied to blast cleaned surfaces:

One coat SigmaCover 280 @ 50 microns over base concrete
Two coats SigmaGuard 720 @ 125 microns per coat
One or two coats SigmaCover 480 to required colour
Total DFT must be minimum 300 microns and correct times allowed between coats for drying and curing.
Water Features
Contact the Technical Dept
of Irish Paints for advice and recommendations on these features

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