Sheet Steel Piling Systems

Fresh water immersion service will usually be less corrosive than in marine conditions, although in brackish water or polluted water, conditions can still be quite severe.


Sheet piling is often used in situations where part of it is exposed to the atmosphere, for example as a retaining wall. Here it will usually be expected to look attractive or at least functional. A coal tar epoxy finish or a rusty surface are unlikely to be acceptable and so polyurethane finishes become an automatic choice. They combine gloss and colour retention and the latest formulations are easy to apply and maintain.


For long term performance in immersion there should be no compromise on quality. The specification must be clear and surface preparation must be good.

The application must be properly carried-out and inspected and of course the coating system must be of high quality. Cathodic protection is often specified in combination with a coating system and it is essential that the chosen coating system has been fully tested for compatibility. Sigma Coatings’ systems for water immersion are thoroughly tested with cathodic protection before release.

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