Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Irish Paints are major suppliers of very high grade protective Coatings Systems to many pharmaceutical and chemical companies all over Ireland.

Apart from high performance systems for pipelines, tanks, production areas, antistatic and anti-microbial areas, we can also supply coating systems for refurbishing external cladding.


Frequently located in corrosive environments, petrochemical plant and refineries set a whole series of technical problems to be solved. Highly chemically resistant systems must be used in areas where chemical splash and spillage can occur, and care must be taken that correct coatings are specified for high temperature use. Where these are to be used in combination with insulation, specialist advice may be required. Halogen free coatings may be needed for the protection of stainless steel and extensive steel structures must be protected from the local environment.

The internal linings of chemical storage tanks need coating to protect them from corrosion, to protect the cargo from contamination and to enable the tanks to be easily cleaned between cargoes. The development of linings to withstand continuous exposure to aggressive chemicals is a complex and time consuming operation. Sigma offer a wide portfolio of epoxy-based tank coating products

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