Oil and Gas Installations

Irish Paints supply a wide range of very high performance coatings designed for offshore Gas Rigs and Platforms

Sigma Coatings have developed epoxy systems for use in areas of high humidity and arctic conditions to wet and cold conditions of the North Atlantic (down to -10º).

Sigma systems have been applied to well over 1500 projects worldwide, and their knowledge and experience is available to clients operating in the seas around the coast of Ireland.

To provide a cost effective and long life vital steel pipelines the externals of which may be exposed to salt water and the internals to withstand the effects of any gas or liquid which may be pumped through.


Pipe Coating (from jetty to refinery)

Whether pipes are thermally insulated, buried or submerged and whether your project is a new construction or maintenance, IPL provides maximum internal and external corrosion protection systems along with temperature resistance and extreme durability. Coatings can be applied to grit blasted pipes or manually prepared substrates.

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