Floor Coating Systems

A brief summary of principal products is as outlined below:

A high performance, water-based epoxy resin coating, odour- and taint-free for floors, walls, ceilings and concrete tanks (Water Research Council Approved for use with potable water).

A three-pack, heavy-duty, solvent-free, anti-slip epoxy resin coating for application in the industrial and public sectors.

A flexible waterproofing system specially designed for exposed car park decks and other decking situations where a hard-wearing, non-slip finish is required.

A coloured quartz aggregate screed with a clear epoxy binder, producing a terrazzo-like decorative screed for a wide range of environments.

A multi-purpose, heavy-duty, two-pack epoxy sealer which improves the appearance of concrete and other substrates, whilst protecting and extending their life.

A solvent-free, two-pack, high build coating providing a durable, coloured, chemical resistant coating for floors, walls and bunded areas.

An industrial floor surfacing designed for dry dress application directly onto freshly laid concrete bases to produce an exceptionally hard-wearing monolithic heavy-duty floor surface.

F S Screed
A three-pack, heavy-duty, epoxy resin floor screed and high strength mortar for use in industrial environments.

A solvent-free, polyurethane system for providing an exceptionally durable floor screed for harsh environments, particuiarly where steam cleaning or very hot water is used e.g. bottling plants.

Joint Sealants
Two-pack epoxy or polyurethane sealants for shrinkage or expansion joints, designed as an accessory for all in-house floor finishes.
A liquid chemical case hardener and dustproofer for improving the wear and stain resistance of new or aged concrete or terrazzo.

Levelay HD
A decorative, self-smoothing, seamless two component flooring system offered in a range of attractive colours. Chemically resistant and with a decontamination rating for the nuclear industry.
A polyurethane rubber composite for safe play.
Playon provides a soft, non-grazing, non-slip decorative safety surfacing for children’s play areas, and for external ramps and walkways.
• Hospitals

• Flats

• Lifts

• Corridors

• Retail/Trade

• Restaurants

• Cinemas

• Schools

• Universities

• Art Galleries

• Swimming Baths

• Hotels

• Pubs

• Exhibition Halls

• Showrooms

• Airports

• Portakabins

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